Talent pool not yet caught up with local tech industry

Jun 20, 2012

This week on Business Beat: an active tech industry in Columbia is seeing a talent deficiency in some areas. Plus, a jump in home sales in Mid-Missouri.

Compared to the rest of the country, Columbia’s economy is pretty good.  Unemployment is well below the national average.  But the numbers can also tell a different story, one where big changes are already underway.  Manufacturing continues to trend downward.  And budget deficits for the state and for the higher education system raise questions about the future of economic growth in Columbia.  Out of this, a small but active tech industry is forming and the potential is huge.  One thing stopping them right now, though, is the need for tech talent.  KBIA’s Scott Pham has the story.

Boone County home sales are up so far this year. KBIA’s Juila Manning has more about some of the possible reasons for the jump in sales.