University of Missouri Facing $20 Million Budget Shortfall

Mar 8, 2017

Continuing budget difficulties at the University of Missouri may mean cuts to programs and positions in Columbia.

Interim Chancellor of the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus Hank Foley sent an all-campus email Wednesday afternoon saying that though the university is working toward plans for future financial security, it’s still facing a 20-million-dollar budget shortfall in Fiscal Year 2017.

To address this, Foley says the school plans on pulling money from reserve funds across the university, but the message also signaled additional cuts would likely be coming, saying administration is “working diligently every day to identify areas where we can avoid duplication of services, enhance efficiencies and realize cost savings.”

Foley also acknowledged that these cuts “will represent real programs, projects, and in some cases, people who are a part of the university family.”