Views of the News: A Visit with Pulitzer Prize Winner Hedrick Smith

Mar 13, 2013

Hedrick Smith and the American Dream

Dan Froomkin, Nieman Reports: "Defying Gravity: A gripping history of the 40 years since wealth started falling up"

PBS NewsHour: "Hedrick Smith Answers Your Questions"

Craig Seligman, Bloomberg: "Hey Folks, You Dug Your Debt-Filled Grave, Now Lie in It"

Publishers Weekly: "Who Stole the American Dream?"

Hedrick Smith, Politico: "Obama's populist crusade"

Nitin Nohria, Harvard Business Review: "Envy and the American Dream"

Pope Watch

David Bauder, Associated Press: "Papal Conclave Coverage: All Eyes On the Vatican as Media Converges"

Tom McGeveran, The Atlantic: "How Your Papal Conclave News Gets Made"

Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post: "Media myopia in Rome"

Alyssa Newcomb, ABC News: "Conclave 2013: Electing a Pope in a Social Media World"

Bashing Woodward

Max Holland, Newsweek: "Bob Woodward's Dark Days"

Tanner Colby, Slate: "Regrettable: The troubling things I learned when I re-reported Bob Woodward's book on John Belushi"

Paying For Serious Journalism

Hamilton Nolan, Gawker: "Somebody Should Figure Out How to Pay for Journalism, Says Guy Whose Job It Is to Do That"

Curt Woodward, WBUR Cognoscenti blog: "Newspaper Paywalls: Here's Why They're Really Doing It"