Voter turnout at 65.7 percent in Missouri

Nov 7, 2012

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Missouri voters went to the poll in big numbers, but not as big as in 2008.

Figures released by Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's office on Wednesday showed that 2.7 million people, or 65.7 percent of registered voters, turned out on Tuesday. Both the raw number and the percentage were down from 2008, when a record 2.9 million voters, or 69.4 percent, went to the polls.

Turnout fell short of the 72 percent that had been projected by Carnahan, a compilation of predictions from the 116 local election authorities around the state. Missouri has 4.2 million registered voters.

Osage County with 72.4 percent turnout and St. Charles County with 72.3 percent led the state.