Rep. Tracy McCreery

Progress Stalls on Paid Parental Leave in the Missouri Legislature

Apr 26, 2017

When Gov. Eric Greitens signed an executive order providing paid parental leave for the executive branch earlier this year, he encouraged lawmakers to extend those policies.

But with time running out in the legislative session, it's unlikely Missourians will see expansion of those policies in the public or private sector.

Wave of Gun Legislation Filed in Missouri General Assembly

Mar 6, 2017
File / KBIA

Missouri lawmakers have filed more than 20 bills that would alter gun rights — ranging from requiring the reporting of lost firearms to prohibiting firearm sales for anyone on the federal no-fly list.

There's even a bill establishing a state gun.

But one of the bills drawing the most attention would get guns out of the hands of many of those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.