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Lawmakers heard bills opposing vaccine mandates Tuesday

The House judiciary committee heard several bills opposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates on businesses Tuesday morning.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce member Kara Corches spoke against John Wiemann’s workplace vaccination bill that would prevent employers from implementing or enforcing requirements that employees get vaccinated.

She stressed how business decisions should be left to the employer.

“We launched a letter saying that we oppose any mandate on businesses, and at this point, we've had 280 businesses sign on in support saying, Let business decide. If we start here in the legislature with these types of proposals, it's a slippery slope. Today, it's on vaccine mandates, but what other types of requirements could be placed on businesses next?” said Corches.

Four others in the public spoke against Wiemann’s bill expressing similar statements. None in favor.

Xcaret Nuñez studies radio/television journalism and religious studies at the University of Missouri — Columbia.