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Columbia City Council approves funding for new affordable housing

The Columbia City Council approved a $2 million plan to develop 24 units of affordable housing within the city in a unanimous vote Monday evening.

The development, which will be named Kinney Point, is set to be built on the northeast corner of Garth Avenue and Sexton Road.

Housing Programs Manager Gary Anspach told the council that the development is meant to help homeless individuals and families, as well as those in danger of becoming homeless.

Randy Cole, the CEO of Columbia Housing Authority, added that he hopes this project will serve as a catalyst for future affordable housing initiatives in Columbia.

Cole said in addition to the money approved by the council, the project would leverage $2.7 million in federal tax credits and $1 million in financing from the housing authority. He added that the project has also received a $1.3 million donation from the Veterans United Foundation.

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