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Each election year, KBIA sits down with local candidates to hear what they have to say on their own terms. Some of these candidates you might see on TV every day. Others might be familiar by name only, if that. But KBIA interviews them all so that you can be informed when you go to the polls in November.

Candidate Conversations: Paul Venable

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Ellie Lin

Reagan Wiles: So, first, if you'll just tell me a little bit about your background, and what made you want to run for office?

Paul Venable: Well, my name is Paul Venable, I feel like there were a lot of things that were not being said, that I wasn't hearing from the current candidates. I felt that way for quite some time. And as a student of the Constitution, I think that it's important, not only important, I think it's really necessary that the people and the people we elect understand it. You know, I feel at this point that we've probably got a constitutional crisis in America. And the first one is that people don't understand the Constitution. Because if they did, things would be a little bit different. The second one is, that people we elect don't understand it either. And so, one of the reasons I'm running is to bring about an understanding of what it means for full compliance to the Constitution. I really believe that we're in a situation today, where if I don't do something, my posterity won't know what liberty looks like. And that's why I'm here.

Reagan Wiles: So, just kind of going off that point. Tell me a little bit about the Constitution Party for those who might not be familiar with it.

Paul Venable: Well, the Constitution Party started in 1992, as a U.S. taxpayer's party, by Howard Phillips, who was, I consider, actually a political genius. He was a member of the Nixon administration and he broke with them over things that he felt weren't following the Constitution. And so, in '99, we became the Constitution Party. And we have, we have held that ever since. And so we believe in following the Constitution, and that we want to restore America to its foundational constitutional principles.

Reagan Wiles: What's your favorite part about Missouri politics?

Paul Venable: I like Missouri. I like the people. I do have a hard time finding what I like about Missouri politics at the moment. It is a rough and tumble place.

Reagan Wiles: What would you tackle first if elected to office?

Paul Venable: The important lesson here is that we have, we have the right to petition for any of the issues that we have in America, I've got three petitions on my website. And the first petition is to remove the Biden administration from office. Why is that important? Well, in less than two years, we've got a proxy war overseas, we've got an invasion. Well, it's been reported that we've had over 2 million people come into the United States. And we're seeing—

Reagan Wiles: Just for clarification of population, who are those people? Clarify, you said.

Paul Venable: Okay, so when I say people, I mean, people who have come over the border, undocumented, illegally and against our laws. We're no longer energy-independent. Okay, those are just three things that this president has done, which is damaging us now. I mean, we're about, I understand, we're about to run out of diesel fuel. So, I said there were three petitions on my website. The second one is to remove the United Nation and its foreign agents from American soil. The third one is to hold Congress accountable for the invasion at our southern border.

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