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KBIA needs your input!

KBIA student producers took on the job of revamping our weekly, one-hour talk show/podcast this year. And we started with YOU, our community. We went out into our communities both in person and online to find out what YOU want to see in new programming. We received more than one hundred responses, all of which helped inform our two ideas for a new show. The two teams started with the same data set, but created two completely different approaches.

So now, our next step is sending it back to you. Give the demos a listen, tell us your thoughts and enjoy!

Butterfly Effect

Team Members: Shea Baechle, Olivia Johnson and Sherell Williams
Digital Strategist: Alex Espinda

Show Description:
Butterfly Effect structures episodes and series to show how national stories relate to and apply to our community at a more local level. The episodes begin with two hosts discussing a specific topic at a national level and will then explain how this larger topic will affect local communities. Often, a local character profile will be a component to break up some hard news. In the last five minutes, a fun segment called “Things to Know” will encourage involvement in the community. Through community outreach, people have said they would like to hear about a fact of the day, local events and community-centered updates. Having this segment will allow for an opportunity to include subjects that are not large enough to make into a single episode.

Butterfly Effect Demo
Butterfly Effect Demo

Intersection Revamp

Team Members: Emma Boyle, Halle Jackson, Eileen Li and Galen Zavala Sherby
Digital Strategist: Maelisha Boclair

Show Description:
Inspired by the previous iteration of Intersection, we’re talking to mid-Missourians about the issues that concern them. But this time, we’re revamping it with a fresh new take: exploring not just the intersection of people and issues– but also the ways that mid-Missouri and the people within it are intersections: of communities, cultures, geographies and more. The show features segments that tell stories based on a theme both through narrated features and two-way conversations. This show is also a way to allow space for cross-newsroom collaboration by featuring other reporters' work from the Missourian, KOMU, Vox and Missouri Business Alert.

Intersection Revamp Demo
Intersection Revamp Demo

As KBIA builds new programming in 2023, we would like your input on what's been developed thus far. These new project concepts have been produced for the community from ideas inspired by our engagement with the community.

Please take less than five minutes to fill out this feedback form.

Kassidy Arena was the Engagement Producer for KBIA from 2022-2023. In her role, she reported and produced stories highlighting underrepresented communities, focused on community outreach and promoting media literacy. She was born in Berkeley, California, raised in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated with a degree in Journalism at the University of Missouri, Columbia.