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It's been a great 40 years at KBIA. But KBIA wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for our listeners. To celebrate this anniversary, we've launched the '40/40 project.' We're visiting 40 cities and towns - in Mid-Missouri and beyond - where our members have shown their support for KBIA.We aim to send a 'postcard' to our listeners from each of these places - telling you about the things we see and sharing conversations with the people we meet. We'll be posting the stories and photos from these cities and towns on this site as KBIA's 40th Anniversary celebration continues in 2012.You can also hear the audio pieces on KBIA during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.All these stories and more are collected at www.4040project.org.

KBIA Visits Ashland, Missouri

Ashland Library
Jon Ingram

This week the 40/40 Project takes KBIA’s Jon Ingram to Ashland, a small bedroom community made up of people who live in town but work in other, bigger cities like Jefferson City and Columbia. Jon checked out some local music at Ashland Pizza and Pub, visited Eagle Scoop Ice Cream, and learned about the town’s social life.

This "audio postcard" is part of the 40/40 Project: KBIA is celebrating its 40th anniversary by visiting 40 different towns in Mid-Missouri.  Find them all at The 40/40 Project.