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The True/False film festival happens 'in the slash'

True False Film Festival sign

Catch all of KBIA's filmmaker interviews for this year's True/False Film Festival. Read True/False Conversations or listen to them through iTunes.

The world Paul Sturtz and David Wilson have spent 10 years creating started with the schism between reality and fiction.

“The True/False idea is more subtle and complex than that,” Wilson says. “It's really about acknowledging right up front that all of these films have a subjective point of view.

The logo itself was meant to convey that idea literally.

“I used to think about our logo and that slash,” said Wilson, “and think about that line: 'Inside the slash,' that's where the fest could take place.”

At this year’s festival, a panel of filmmakers will take on this issue and discuss the merging of truth and fiction during “Every Cut is a Lie.” The panel begins at 3:30 p.m. March 3 at the Odd Fellows Lodge, 920 E. Walnut St.

David Wilson and Paul Sturtz talked to KBIA on this week’s Intersection.

Why is Columbia home to True/False?

We started to realize that Columbia could be kind of exotic for filmmakers. If you're a European filmmaker, you've almost for sure been to New York, you've probably been to L.A. and you probably haven't been anywhere in between. So there's a real love and mythic sense, especially for those Europeans, about the heartland of America and the American South and Columbia was able to play into that. -- David Wilson

Community involvement

There’s a ton of creative people in Columbia … The “Queens” (volunteers who help with festival lines) sort of happened organically ... It transmogrified into this more outrageous, Mardi Gras-inspired costuming ... It becomes all part of the celebration of being at True/False. -- Paul Sturtz

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