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Student volunteers get involved with True/False Film Festival


The True/False Film Festival has consistently offered volunteer positions for students since it started in 2004.  Along with access to all of the documentaries showcased at the festival, students can meet with directors, ask questions about the filmmaking process and participate in other activities throughout the weekend. 

Students of all majors can benefit from volunteering, as positions include event planning and management, working with bands, booking artists, selling tickets, recording video, and so on.  Mark Johnson is the Student Media Coordinator with Student Life, a department of the Missouri Students Association.  He said that many prominent campus figures got their start at True/False, whether they be from MSA, MUTV or another organization.  Having worked with True/False for years, Johnson is a strong supporter of the festival and advises students to get involved.

“The core team at True/False really likes the student engagement,” Johnson said. 

Johnson said that the True/False team wanted to get more student involvement from all local colleges.  This set True/False apart from similar venues, Johnson said, since most rarely seek volunteer assistance. 

Mandy Sohaney is a student at the University of Missouri as well as the General Manager for the campus television station MUTV.  Sohaney said she is planning on volunteering for her third year in a row.  She said she values the experiences she’s gained from working with the True/False team as well as the opportunity to meet and work with the documentaries’ directors. 

Along with the experiences to be gained from volunteering, students also have access to all of the films being showcased.  Shelby Mann is volunteering this year, and she said that she can’t wait to see some of the films and interact with the directors.

“Working with the festival, if you see a director you can go up and make sure they’re happy or if they need help with anything, and you can ask them questions about the movies if you want to,” Mann said.

This year, hundreds of volunteers helped the festival run smoothly.

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