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Pay TV wins at the Golden Globes

It was a big night for the cast and crew of both Boyhood and the Amazon series Transparent, as each walked away with two Golden Globe awards Sunday. The CW Network received its first Golden Globe for Gina Rodriguez's performance in Jane the Virgin. Yet with only one award given to the major broadcast networks,  ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox were left out in the cold. Missouri School of Journalism professors Jamie Grey, Ryan Thomas and Amy Simons discuss the Golden Globes and the future of television on KBIA-FM's media criticism program, "Views of the News."

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Simons saw the majority of nominations going to pay-television, be it from traditional services like Showtime, FX, and HBO, or web platforms such as Amazon and Netflix. 


"If you aren't paying for television, you aren't seeing anything good, are you?"


Grey said this year's Golden Globes are representative of how media consumption habits are changing in favor of on-demand "binge watching." When asked whether the content restrictions imposed on broadcast television are a barrier, Grey responded no, citing the success Downton Abbey.    

"If you were to compare network television today to network television ten years ago I guarantee you... the themes have gotten more adult in nature."

Thomas added as more people consume content online, the traditional distinction between pay-tv and broadcast-tv becomes less pertinent. 

"I think that's going to be something the FCC or the Supreme Court at some point need to wrestle with... are those distinctions we've held on to for a long time even valid anymore?"

For more, follow Views of the News on  Facebook ,  Twitter, and  YouTube.

Austin Federa left KBIA in May of 2015.
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