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True/False Art Installations

As the True/False Film Festival goes into full gear, the art installations are finally set up. With old standbys and new additions, the True/False Film Festival makes sure the art doesn't end when you leave the theater. Some, like "Unweaving The Fabric Of/Over Time," invite the viewers to participate in the artwork. Others, like "Torus Worm," ask only to be viewed.

Here are just a few of the installations you can see around town this weekend.

9th Street – Davey B. Gravey's Tiny Cinema

"Davey B. Gravey" hosts four mini-movie goers in his tiny cinema, where he plays his ukulele along to a silent, short film of the audience's choice. 

Hitt Street and Alley A – Sia

Jaynell Lardizabal and Kelsie Herron constructed their giant tortoise skeleton with a team of volunteers to hang over Alley A. 

Blue Note – Oceanic Blue Note

Tracy Greever-Rice's octopus and its stalagmite-filled cage returns to help take the Blue Note underwater. 

Blue Note – Tyton

Kansas-based artist Randy Regier brings back luxury submarines, with his two models housing underwater vacationers. 

Hittsville Courtyard – The Frozen Man

Duncan Bindbeutel enclosed a wooden man in a block of ice, which will melt away over the weekend in the courtyard of Hittsville. 

Ragtag – The Knacks

The Knacks are towers of over 20,000 feet of rope created by Jessica Dekker, Tracy Greever-Rice and their team. They welcome filmgoers to Ragtag Cinema. 

The Globe Lawn – A Commemorative Sectional of What Is

Constructed with foraged materials, "A Commemorative Sectional of What Is" celebrates modernity. 

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