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MU Robotics Club Prepares for Spring Battle

 Flames, blades and spears are just a few of the weapons a fighting robot can weild. Add on top of that the challenge of building robots to defend against these attacks and the possibilities of what can happen in a robot battle are endless.

For Ali Shafiekhani and Megan Saracino, the President and Vice President of the MU Robotics Club respectively, using their knowledge of engineering to build these creative fighting machines is a great way to apply their skills.

“Being able to have knowledge in mechanical, electrical engineering and computer science is very cool to me. I love being able to apply that to robotics,” Shafiekhani said.

This knowledge has been used by the MU Robotics club to build three pound fighting robots known as “beetle bots”. The 24-member club is split into two teams. Each team is building its own beetle bot and ultimately they will face off. The club is hoping that the showdown will take place some time next spring.

Saracino and Shafiekhani both say the process of building bots is an exercise in teamwork.  

“I would say the most rewarding thing has been to see the two teams sort of within themselves working together and really pulling themselves up,” Saracino said. “To sort of get things done and plan things out and get creative.”

The group does not have a set date for their final battle but is hoping that the Hearnes Center will be the venue.

“We discussed having it at the Hearnes center. The issue is that there are moving parts on the bots. For example if there is a moving blade you definitely don’t want that to be exposed to the audience so we’re planning on building a plexi glass cage,” Saracino said.

It will cost the club $500 to $600 to build one beetle bot.