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On Choosing Identity: Radio Essays from University of Missouri Journalism Students

Nathan Lawrence

  In this special, hear the voices of journalism students from the University of Missouri. In their time there, they've learned not only about their majors, but also about their identities, their families and their values. They were challenged in their magazine writing class this Spring to tell the stories of those significant learning moments in their lives. With help from their teacher and master-storyteller, Berkley Hudson, they recount stories about experiences from chosen families to chosen names. 

Listen to our radio special of selected commentaries here: 

Or, listen to them individually below:The saying goes, "practice what you preach." But when Kasia Kovacs found herself sweating bullets about her own hypocrisy, she was forced to confront an internal battle between her feminism and her self-worth.z

Hear Kasia Kovacs' commentary

 Sometimes you feel as though everyone around you wants the same things as you. Tess Hart realized that wasn't necessarily true when a new character entered her life. 

Hear Tess Hart's commentary

How often are you on your smart phone? It might be more than you think. Sarah Kloepple remembers a time (actually, many times) when she chose her iPhone over actually living in the moment.

Hear Sarah Kloepple's commentary

Remember life before you had GPS, 10,000 songs and infinite knowledge in your pocket? MU graduate student Geoff West reflects on a casualty of the Information Age: a life of mystery. 

Hear Geoff West's commentary

Sometimes character growth comes at odd times. MU senior Ginger Hervey learned this lesson when she found herself reflecting on her privilege while utilizing an unusual form of transportation in Europe.

Hear Ginger Hervey's commentary

When Robbie Shutt found himself somewhere between the sky and the ground without the help of an airplane, he learned something. Beauty is out there, you just have to go and find it.

Hear Robbie Shutt's commentary

People around the country know about the protests at the University of Missouri last year. Timoshanae Wellmaker was at the center of the national news event, and she shares what most of those people don't know about: what the protests looked like from the inside. 


Hear Timoshanae Wellmaker's commentary

Christian Fellwock's childhood wasn't ideal. But, just when it felt like the lingering anger and loneliness were going to consume him, he found an outlet for all of his pent-up rage: the mosh pit.

Hear Christian Fellwock's commentary

Young women and girls today are more encouraged than ever to pursue any dream they wish, but the work of feminism still persists. Bayli Martin talks about why it’s important for young girls to understand women’s history so that progress can continue. 

Hear Bayli Martin's commentary

You wouldn't know Dan Roe was Mexican by looking at him—and with his pasty white complexion, he wouldn't expect you to. But he flipped the script on his grade school tormenters and learned to love his hidden heritage by becoming Carlos. 

Hear Dan Roe's commentary

When it comes to talking with family, Jack Howland often finds himself just going through the niceties. But for a journalism school assignment, he was asked to interview his aunt as if she were a source, and the conversation that followed surprised them both. 

Hear Jack Howland's commentary

Cancer is a hard battle for both the patient and their family. Laura Davis looks back on her experience after her dad was diagnosed a year ago.

Hear Laura Davis' commentary

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