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Off the Clock - Kids Connect with their Dreams through Art at Second Saturday for Kids

Erin Schroeder
Hope Schust, center, dances at Second Saturday for Kids on Oct. 28 with Rebecca Wallace, left, and Ian Kemey. Later, the three taught hip-hop moves to kids.

For many artists, dreams are a source of inspiration. They can plant the seeds for novels and paintings. And a few weeks ago at Orr Street Studios in downtown Columbia, dreams inspired nearly 70 kids to make art of their own.


Kids wove dream catchers, constructed collages and learned hip-hop at Second Saturday for Kids on Oct. 28. The event takes place three times a year and gives kids an opportunity to express their creativity and engage with the arts.

Catherine Parke, an artist at Orr Street Studios, has been one of the organizers of the event since it started seven years ago. She said many of the people who work on the committee are children themselves. Two of them, Lucy and Miles Baker, created the theme for October’s event: dreams.

Parke said because Second Saturday has few expenses, aside from the occasional art supply purchase, they’re able to offer the event free of charge.

“We love the fact that we never throw away anything,” Parke said. “Today’s dream catcher materials have been given to us over many years by a lot of people who maybe were moving and said, ‘I have a lot of fabric and some old buttons.’”

About 140 people attended Second Saturday, but Parke said the event isn’t about the numbers. It’s about getting kids and adults to engage in the arts.

“We don’t go by numbers,” Parke said. “We go by exuberance and happiness and creativity.”

This week's show was produced by Erin McKinstry. Music comes from Blue Dot Sessions (Tuck and Point, available under CC BY-NC 4.0).