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Paul Pepper: CEC presents 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' & Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs

500 years ago, William Shakespeare was writing soap operas - one of which was 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Columbia Entertainment Company's CARA BROKES tells us that directing this centuries-old script is fun because of the freedom to interpret the words in whatever way imaginable. In this case: steampunk. Additional guest: KATIE HAYS | Also, ELISE BUCHHEIT invites everyone to the Office of Cultural Affairs' 2019 Celebration of the Arts fundraiser later this month! Money raised will help to sustain our city's vibrant arts culture. (4:04) August 1, 2019

https://youtu.be/VVGkEEVDhNs","_id":"00000179-5701-dde8-adfd-57dbf2a10000","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">https://youtu.be/VVGkEEVDhNs" style="color: var(--ytcp-studio-blue); font-family: Roboto, Noto, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; white-space: nowrap;" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/VVGkEEVDhNs","_id":"00000179-5701-dde8-adfd-57dbf2a10000","_type":"035d81d3-5be2-3ed2-bc8a-6da208e0d9e2"}">https://youtu.be/VVGkEEVDhNs

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