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Discover Nature: Fish Stocking

This week on Discover Nature, discover new places to fish for trout in Missouri. The Missouri Department of Conservation stocks lakes full of multiple species of fish throughout the state many times per year. From catfish to trout, the fish are raised at MDC’s hatcheries then transported to the different lakes where they are allowed to flourish.

This year, Moberly was the recipient of rainbow trout for the first time in history. These trout came from Montauk Fish Hatchery which is roughly an hour south of Rolla. The fish were transported from the hatchery waters into trucks with oxygenated tanks. These trucks allow the fish to be moved with little disruption to their lives. Once the truck arrived in Moberly, the fish were moved by net from the truck into Beuth Park Lake. Nearly one thousand fish averaging one foot in length were added to the waters, and anglers were ready for their arrival.

Residents of Missouri can purchase a fishing license and trout permit online at mdc.mo.gov if they are interested in fishing Missouri’s waterways. While on the website, check to see regulations of each waterway prior to fishing.

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