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America's next top beef cow

Consumers are willing to pay more for prime grade steaks than they have in the past. Production hasn’t kept up with demand, which could mean more money in cow-calf producers’ pockets.
Adam Kuban/flickr

Columbia City Council is considering an ordinance that would put a temporary abeyance on demolition permits in downtown Columbia. This comes on the heels of a petition to demolish the oldest building downtown. KBIA’s Ryan Famuliner has a report on the zoning classification the council is looking at.

And you probably remember the ads in the 1990s promoting beef as, well, what’s for dinner. But when you sat down at the table to eat that beef, did you know that it’s the product of thousands of years of selective breeding?   For nearly all of that time, ranchers have made cattle mating decisions based on the outward appearance of animals.   That’s changed, in a big way, and as Frank Morris reports in part three of the beef series, an emerging understanding of cattle genetics promises to accelerate that change exponentially.

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