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Missouri home to the cheapest gas in the country


Missouri drivers are paying less at the pump than drivers in any other state right now. Missouri is currently home to the cheapest gas in the nation with the average gas price in the state at $3.05 per gallon.

Associate Professor of Economics at MU Isaac Miller said, “The main driver is the fact that Missouri has one of the lowest gasoline taxes in the country and consumers see this at the pump.”

According to AAA, gas prices in the cities surrounding St. Louis are the cheapest, and range from $2.78 to $2.86 per gallon. Columbia’s prices fall slightly above that at $2.95 per gallon, which has Columbia resident Carson Cornelius happy to fill up his tank.

“The low gas prices are phenomenal because it allows me to drive more and get more bang for my buck,” said Cornelius. “And that’s always helpful, especially on a tight budget as a college student. I’m definitely going to go fill up because who knows how long it’s going to stay at these prices."

Professor Miller cites St. Louis’ placement at the Missouri and Mississippi rivers as a reason for low gas prices in that area.

“The fact that St. Louis is a major transport hub increases supply [of gasoline]. The increased supply would drive down the price,” said Miller.

The highest prices in the state come from Branson where gas costs as much as $3.29 per gallon, still lower than the national average of $3.38 per gallon.