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Non-profit moves to new facility

CoMo Cares, the non-profit organization that helps children five years old and younger, started operating for the first time at its new location Wednesday. The organization is designed to help struggling parents receive resources like diapers, bottles and clothing.

   Executive director Sabrina Lambrecht expanded the organization from her basement to a new facility off of Paris Road. CoMo Cares has already helped 150 children. Mothers like Jasmine Williams, are taking advantage of the resources.

   “I have three kids and another one on the way,” William said. “If you are low income and you get food stamps because you are low income, you can get a discount.”

   The organization works with other agencies, like Voluntary Action Center and Love INC of Columbia in order to provide expenses for shopping purposes at CoMo Cares. Lambrecht also said the money left over from donations will be put towards programs like ‘Rent A Pump’ for new mothers. A diaper bin is also being installed in order for agencies to receive these resources in order to help their clients.

   Because CoMo Cares opened its doors this week, Lambrecht said the organization is still trying to plan what an average day will look like. She has, however, already begun writing grants, sorting clothes and planning possible expansions.

   Lambrecht said that CoMo Cares is important because children do no have means of choosing their own lifestyle.

“When life gets tough, children don’t have a choice of where they are or where they end up,” Lambrecht said.  “A child five and under, it’s one of the most formative years of your life, zero to five, and we want to make that difference earlier rather than later.”