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A New Projector Benefits Columbia Businesses

Missouri Theatre

The True/False film festival has become a household name over the last 12 years in Columbia. This year, the Missouri Theater installed a new projector to show films in better quality. David Wilson the co-conspirator of True/False film festival. Wilson said the new projector will benefit more than just True/False.

“What we are gonna see because of the new projection system is a lot more film events happening in downtown Columbia. Ragtag will be able to open larger films and have big opening night galas. It’s going to be a cool new benefit for the community of Columbia,” said Wilson.

Wilson says the support from the university will help goals for future projects. He says even though the festival is expanding, he still plans for the festival to stay in downtown Columbia and to have its usual 4-day screening.

The new projector was funded by the University of Missouri, Ragtag cinema, and True/false film festival. The cumulative funding helped the businesses to grow closer and plan future collaborations..

John Murray is the senior Director of Auxiliary and Service Operations at the Missouri Theater. Murray says the relationship between the Missouri Theater and True/False will continue to grow closer.

“It is a very meaningful building to the festival and the funding from them certainly has created an opportunity for us to be more collaborative in the future,” Murray said.

Murray says the new projector would also help the relationships with Jesse auditorium and Ragtag cinema as well by promoting more film events. He says True/False, Ragtag, and the university helped fund the new projector. Murray says this new projector in the Missouri Theater helps provide additional space for smaller theaters while Jesse Auditorium is closed.