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The Check-In Outtake: Missouri's Legislature In 2021


We’re just coming off of one of the most tumultuous presidential election seasons in history - and you might be taking a rest from the political season. But in reality, politics doesn’t stop - what happens in our nation’s capital and in our state capitol in Jefferson City - affects our lives all throughout the year.

In Boone County, with over 120,000 registered voters, a little more than 2,000 voted for state legislature in early April. While millions of people vote in presidential elections the turnout for local and state elections are significantly smaller. Are you up to date with your local politics? Do you know how to? Are you involved in our political system in other ways? 

So much about what happens in our lives gets decided in The Missouri Legislature - and it is very much in session right now - so in this episode of The Check-In Outtake, we sat down with a couple of guests and a lot of callers to try and answer our communities questions.

Are you involved in the political process right now? If so, how? 

If anything we say resonates with you, leave us a voicemail at 833-560-1329 or tweet us @CheckIn_KBIA to join the conversation.

Stay tuned to the end of the podcast to hear an exclusive interview between producer Isabella Paxton and Mark Horvit, Director of Mizzou’s State Government Reporting Program as he helps us dive deeper into Missouri’s state legislature.

Isabella is a student reporter in the KBIA Newsroom