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Columbia community awaits verdict in Michael Brown case

Wikimedia commons
The ruling of the Michael Brown case is expected sometime this month

The community in Ferguson is waiting in anticipation for the announcement of whether or not police officer Daren Wilson will be indicted for shooting and killing unarmed teenager Michael Brown in August.

People in Columbia are waiting for the word, too. About 30 people gathered for a prayer vigil Saturday at the Second Missionary Baptist Church in Columbia. It was hosted by the African American Clergy Coalition of Mid-Missouri.

Rev. Molly Hush Gordon, the Pastor at Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbia, was one of eight speakers. She said it’s important that the community of Columbia show support for Ferguson.

"It’s our place to stand and speak with love and I think across diverse faith and traditions setting out love, as a primary element of our faith is something that we can all get together around," said Gordon.

The grand jury announcement on whether or not try to Wilson for shooting Brown is expected sometime this month, possibly even this week.

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