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Stephens College to house displaced Brookside residents


Students planning on living at the Brookside on College apartments this fall might not find themselves too far away. Stephens College issued a news release Friday morning, stating that its college housing will be open to displaced Brookside residents this fall.

Stephens Spokesperson Amy Gipson says the college plans to house Brookside residents.

“Brookside anticipates leasing up to 100 beds in Hillcrest Hall this fall. Stephens will also make parking available to Brookside residents South of Broadway. “

Brookside estimates 40 percent of the units can be salvaged before the fall semester, and the remaining apartments can be ready by October. Andrew Weil and his three roommates were going to live in a four-bedroom apartment this fall, but are now unsure if they’ll stay at Brookside at all.

“If it would be a few days, maybe a couple weeks I think we would do it, but if it’s until October, I don’t know if it’s worth it," said Weil.

Weil started looking for a new place to live the day after the fire, saying he wanted to find an alternative to staying in dorms his senior year of college.