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Science camp teaches middle school students biophysics

The University of Missouri hosted a week-long science summer camp for central Missouri middle schoolers last week.  The camp, called “Biophysics and Your Body,” aimed to teach students how the study of physics relates to the biological functioning of the body.  Assistant professor of Physics Gavin King collaborated with faculty from the physics, education, and biochemistry departments to create a curriculum for the camp. King says the goal was to create a curriculum that teachers across the state can use.

"We developed these five lesson plans, essentially. And we developed them as inter-disciplinary supplements that teachers in middle school throughout the state of Missouri hopefully can inject in their classroom," said King

The five lesson plans included the study of ears, eyes, muscles, energy, and metabolism. Program Director Morgan Presley says she’s pleased at how well the students have responded to the curriculum.

“Working with the middle school students has been a pleasant surprise. They bring in a lot of knowledge and they surprise you with how intelligent they are. But they’re also still excited about learning," said Presley.

Though this is the first year the university has put on the camp, King says he considers it a success and plans on hosting it again next summer.