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MU grad school Dean resigns for ASU job

Jesse Hall and the Mizzou columns
Darren Hellwege

The University of Missouri announced that Graduate School Dean George Justice is resigning effective June 1. Justice is taking the position of Dean for Humanities in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. MU is currently searching for an interim dean and will start a national search to fill the position this fall.

Justice hopes the next dean will continue to move forward with the university’s programs. “There are two things that we are working on in particular that I want to see advance. One of those would be a new life sciences program…and another thing is graduate education that is really designed to meet the needs of the public, including the work force,” Justice said.

Justice doesn’t believe his resignation will have a negative impact, but says it will require some adjusting to. “I think change is both an opportunity and a difficulty, and there’s no university in the country that isn’t facing that right now,” says graduate school faculty member Lee Wilkins.

Justice started at the university as an assistant professor of English in September 2002 and has been dean of the graduate school since 2010. His contributions include leading the Glimpse into Graduate School Seminar Program and expanding the state’s Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program, which both help incoming graduate students. “The greatest contribution I’ve tried to give is to help graduate students do the great work that they can do on campus,” Justice said.

The dean says there are plenty of things he’ll miss about the university. “I’ll miss this wonderful open university where people can work hard and be recognized for the hard work that they do,” Justice said.

His departure will end a decade of teaching and service at the university.