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MU anthropologist talks about fieldwork, Russell Elementary students go to university

Stella Chegwidden shows off her work of art in “Art Inspired by Music” class on Monday, March 11 in Columbia, Mo. This Russell University course taught students about the intersection of art and music. ";s:

The MU Department of Anthropology recently hired Napoleon Chagnon, one of the first anthropologists to document the once-isolated Yanomamö (pronounced Ya-No-Ma-Ma) in South America. His research argued that the Yanomamö tribes fought one another for women, leading to disagreements among his peers. Exam spoke to Chagnon about the isolated tribes and his conflicts with the anthropological community.

New MU hire Napoleon Chagnon holds up a Yanomamö tribe accessory on March 1 at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo. Chagnon is one of the first anthropologists to document the once-isolated Yanomamö in South America.

  Russell Boulevard Elementary School puts on an event called Russell University every spring.  From March 11th to the 14th, students took special after-school classes organized by the PTA.  The classes range from French to Film Making to Scrapbooking to Robotics. KBIA’s Bridgit Bowden visited the school and went on a tour of Russell University.

Bridgit Bowden is a senior at MU studying Convergence Journalism and Spanish. She works as a reporter, producer, and editor at KBIA.