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Truman State to extend employee benefits to same-gender couples

The campus at Truman State.
Ian Monroe
The campus at Truman State.

Truman State University in Kirksville will be adding an adult dependent category to its insurance benefits allowing same sex couples to receive health, dental, and vision care.

University President Troy Paino announced Tuesday that starting January 1st, Truman State staff will be able to claim benefits for a person that has lived with them for at least 12 months, is not married to any other individual, is not related to the employee, and is at least 18. Paino says the decision was made based on what is best for the employees of the university.

“The people on campus who have expressed their opinion to me directly have been very supportive," he said. "I’ve also heard from individuals throughout the state, who do not work for Truman, who’ve also expressed their appreciation.”

The announcement did not directly mention same-sex partners. Heterosexual partners will also benefit from the changes. Paino says the school’s non-discrimination policy makes this addition equally beneficial to all employees. Student and Faculty senates sent the board recommendations to make this policy change over the last couple years.

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