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The MU College of Veterinary Medicine Receives a $1 Million Gift

A University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine professor granted MU one million dollars Thursday. The money will fund the Frank Booth Fellowship in Physical Activity and Health in the MU School of Medicine and research in those areas.

MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin says it is obvious that Dr. Booth is passionate about helping people remain healthy throughout their lifetimes.

“In his 15 years at MU, Frank Booth has worked tirelessly to research exercise in animals and people and the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on health and longevity,” said, Neil Olson, Dean of the MU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Booth’s research focuses on two questions. What motivates people to be active or inactive? And what biologically happens in the brain over the course of one’s life that causes humans to lose their desire to remain physically active as they age?

“Dr. Booth is a credit to the MU faculty and to the entire academic community and a model of how giving back to his university can not only improve education and important research, but also advance the goals and dreams of donors beyond their lifetimes,” Loftin said.

Booth’s gift will also provide fellowship awards for second and third-year graduate students engaged in research on physical health and exercise at the MU Health Activity Center. 

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