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Missouri is attracting to foreign students

Foreign students are finding their way to Missouri and attending the state’s universities.

New figures from the Institute of International Education show 18.205 international students were enrolled at Missouri higher education institution in the 2013/2014 school year. That's an increase of more than 5 

  percent from the previous year, and the University of Missouri had the most international students with 2576 in total.

James Scott, Director of International Department, says MU has a strong reputation in certain fields that attract students from all over the world. But it’s not only the student who benefits from studying abroad.

“The economic benefits for the community though are really significant because the students are paying tuition but they are also covering their cost of housing and transportation, entertainment and all those things, so it really does generate a significant part of the local economy,” Scott said. 

Also he thinks foreign students chose MU because of the cost.

“The cost of going to the University of Missouri is quite reasonable compared to private universities certainly and to many other public universities around the country,” he said.

Morgan Dewullf from Belgium is attending Journalism School at the University of Missouri this fall, because she wanted to add an international perspective to her education.

"I like it a lot here, because it's very different from home. We have classes with small groups and we have discussions on topics rather than being a lot of students listening to one teacher talking," Dewullf said. 

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