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MU Campus: UM System Board of Curators Discusses Equity Policies

Julien Coquelle-Roehm

COLUMBIA -- The UM System Board of Curators discussed Title IX policies in a meeting on Thursday.

UM System’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion gave the curators an overview of revisions of Equity Resolution Processes, that resolve complaints of harassment, sexual misconduct and other forms of discrimination. The office expanded its definitions of consent and incapacitation.

“Those definitions are key tools in the toolbox of our implementers of these policies,” Deputy Title IX Coordinator Emily Love said. “They really help those on the campuses that have to go and adjudicate cases like these.”

The office also created a new status of confidential adviser.The creation of this new role helps build trust between victims and the office, Love said.

“Students have more of a trust going to them,” she said. “Understanding that in many circumstances an investigation would not proceed if the complainant did not want to proceed with it, and instead the office serves as a resource to the student.”

In an Equity Resolution Process, each party is allowed to select one adviser.

During the meeting, Love confirmed that the potential to be a confidential adviser had been expanded, allowing faculty members and groups to send their request to the Office of the General Counsel.

Love also highlighted other measures taken by the office, including the implementation of a system-wide preferred name policy. According to MU’s website, it allows students to change the first and middle names used on class roosters, ID cards, transcripts, diplomas and other documents where their legal name is not required. The office also conducted a climate survey on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in the spring of 2015. They will conduct a second one in early-2018.