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Intersection - Back to School With Fossils in the Columns, Toxicology and Textiles

Sara Shahriari

Intersection is marking the new school year with conversations with three MU professors whose work and teaching styles make then stand out. We learn that parts of Missouri were once on the coast of a huge inland sea, how a veterinarian and toxicologist gets to the bottom of mysterious ailments and how students are learning to understand the global market for fabrics. 

Our guests include:

John Huntley is an assistant professor of Geological Sciences. He tells us what Missouri was like millions of years ago, and how events in the distant past shaped the landscapes we know today - including MU's iconic columns.      

Tim Evans is an associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine who specializes in toxicology. He's created a unique project that helps students learn about household products that can harm pets.

Jung Ha-Brookshire, an associate professor in the Textile and Management Department, tells us about leading trips that help students understand the global reach of the textile industry. 

Assistant producers for this show are Elena Rivera and Hannah Haynes. 

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