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Parents' Bill of Rights would give parents full access to their child's school curriculum

After passing in the Missouri House of Representatives last year, the legislation that would create the Parents’ Bill of Rights has made its way to the Senate.

The bill would allow parents to fully review the curricula, books and other educational materials used by the school their child attends.

But Senator Lauren Arthur, a democrat from Clay County, raised concerns that instructors will feel too constricted by its parameters.

“Teacher shortage is well documented. Even if the intent is not to put more burden on teachers or not to scrutinize their actions... what I'm hearing from teachers is the impact of the legislation, and they are saying this really does feel like an attack.”

Some witnesses, including Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, argued that educators should welcome this transparency, but it’s clear that debate over the effects of passing these bills will continue.

Sarah Petrowich studies cross platform editing and producing within journalism, as well as political science at the University of Missouri - Columbia.