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Under the Microscope: November 11, 2010

Thousand Cankers Disease could create a $850 million problem for the state of Missouri. MU’s John Faaborg uses tail feathers to track migrating birds on “Call of the Wild.”

Hosted By Rebecca Wolfson (Columbia, MO)

First, a disease is making its way toward Missouri could kill $850 million worth of walnut trees in the state. KBIA’s Lauren Hasler reports. (Click here for the full story.)

And on “Call of the Wild,” tracking bird migration may have gotten a bit easier. Traditionally, researchers marked birds with a numbered ring—sometimes banding 25,000 birds only to be able to locate 4 or 5 later in the season. But now, one MU researcher is using bird’s tail feathers to track migrating birds. KBIA’s Courtney Flatt has more.