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Cultures, beliefs converge with Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Happy Thanksgiving – that’s one holiday greeting you hear at this time of year that’s not part of a specific faith tradition.

The idea of giving thanks transcends religious, social and cultural boundaries. Thanks can be expressed in any language or tradition.

And that’s just what happened Sunday at an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. Christians, Muslims and Jews, Baha'is, Buddhists and Hindus, and people from several other faith traditions came together to share. Beliefs and languages converged as sounds of thanksgiving and peace rose through the air.

This story was produced in partnership with Columbia Faith & Values. For photos from the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service and for more faith and values stories, go to columbiafaithandvalues.com. You can also "like" ColumbiaFAVS on Facebookand follow @ColumbiaFAVS on Twitter.

Kellie Moore left KBIA in the spring of 2014.