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Debates continue over Missouri gun legislation

The Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City
The Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City

After the shooting at the Kansas City Super Bowl Parade last month, Democrats, in their words, “caused chaos” in the Missouri House of Representatives. Another shooting over the weekend moved a representative to speak on Monday.

Representative Eric Woods is a Democrat from Kansas City. North Kansas City High School is in his district and was the site of a shooting that left two injured on Saturday.

On Monday, Woods spoke in a point of personal privilege before the House of Representatives about how the shooting has shaken his community. A point of personal privilege is a motion that allows lawmakers to talk about issues that affect the House.

He’s calling for a change in policy. But he was interrupted by Missouri's Speaker of the House, Republican Dean Plocher, who said that Woods wasn’t speaking on a point of personal privilege. Speaker Plocher is allowed to control debate, so despite mistakenly saying that Woods did not have a point of personal privilege, he was within a parliamentary procedure.

Woods said that if Democrats sound like a broken record, it's because shootings persist and he doesn’t think anything will change.

“If I believed that something could be done with the current body we have now. I wouldn’t have tried to speak so forcefully today,” Woods said.

Alex Cox is a Junior in the Missouri School of Journalism. They're a reporter and producer for KBIA.
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