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How can you be a journalist?

Jessie King
Mark Hinojosa sits beside Madison Lawson after her graduation. The two besties sat next to each other on stage during the ceremony on December 13, 2019 in Jesse Auditorium. This was a milestone Hinojosa promised sophomore Lawson he would be there for.

“If you were to take the disability out of the equation, would you still have a story?”

In this episode, Madi sits down with Mark Hinojosa. He is one of her former professors at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, but more importantly, is one of her best friends. Madi and Mark have had many long conversations because they have both chosen similar careers and are living through similar experiences – Madi, of course, has muscular dystrophy and Mark currently has “terminal, but treatable cancer.”

The two of them take a look at the world of media – both how people with disabilities are represented in the media and what it is like being a journalist with a disability working within the industry.


Hosts: Madison Lawson, Rebecca Smith

Producer: Rebecca Smith

Supervising Producers: Aaron Hay, Rebecca Smith

Managing Editor: Ryan Famuliner

Online and Social: Nathan Lawrence