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Below the overview of the district are links to KBIA's coverage of Columbia 93 district schools, updated as more stories are published. Columbia 93 at a glanceThe Columbia 93 school district currently includes 32 different schools. In 2014, the district had a k-12 enrollment of 17,204 students, which is 2% of the total k-12 enrollment for the state. Enrollment has been slightly increasing in recent years, 2% since 2011. While a small percent, that amounts to almost 400 more students. There have also been major re-drawing of attendance areas with the addition of Battle High School. Middle school attendance areas shape high school boundaries 00000178-cc7d-da8b-a77d-ec7d2f9e0000The changes have affected all schools in the district, including causing high school attendance to increase and overcrowding at one middle school at least.

Columbia Public Schools to Move Forward on Construction, Pay Increases

Meiying Wu / KBIA

Despite decreases in expected revenue, Columbia Public Schools will continue with planned construction and pay increases for employees, according to a financial update presented Wednesday to the district Finance Committee.

Chief Financial Officer Heather McArthur presented the financial update to the Columbia School Board committee in a video call.

McArthur’s presentation suggests smaller losses in revenue than previously thought. Last month, she presented two revenue models to the committee, both projecting large losses in expected revenue for the school district.

“We can only communicate what is known at this point in time, and there’s still new information coming in every day, all day,” McArthur said.

To read more on this story, visit our partners at the Columbia Missourian.

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