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New boil water advisory for Thornbrook until 11 a.m. Thursday

Columbia City Hall
Meiying Wu / KBIA

The city of Columbia issued a new boil water advisory Wednesday for the Thornbrook area that expires at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

This new advisory was issued because the water pressure dropped below 20 pounds per square inch (p.s.i), Matt Nestor, public information specialist for City of Columbia Utilities, said in an email.

The city is required to issue a precautionary water boil advisory when the water drops below the required water pressure.

“If the water drops below the 20 p.s.i. it can create a backflow situation where a contaminant might be siphoned into the water system,” said Nestor

A water sample is taken after low pressure is recorded and tested to identify any contaminants in the water.

The results take about 24 hours, Nestor said.

This is the third boil water notice in the past week for Thornbrook residents.

The Thornbrook area is on the edge of the city’s water distribution system and requires a lot of work to get the water out there, Nestor said.