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Concerned student 1950 Receives Support from Stephens College Students after Mizzou Hunger Strike

Tyler Adkisson

After the resignation of Tim Wolfe and the end of the Mizzou hunger strike, groups from outside of MU such as a group of students from Stephens College and a Revolutionary Communist Party from New York came to MU’s campus to show their support.

Stephens College student Mary Hafner said she came to see how she could help.

“I wanted to learn more as someone who I am, through my limited experience, my background, being white and middle class, how I can help,” Hafner said.

Carl Dix, a member of the group from New York, said he was also inspired by Concerned Student 1950’s courage.

“These students are making history, they are standing up for what they believe in. These incidences of racism are not isolated and we are here to make sure people understand that,” Dix said.

Brianna Jackson is the president of Stephens College’s student government. She said she wants to bridge the gap between the two schools, so a group of about 25 students came to MU’s campus to show support.  

“Today they came to learn to support the cause and I know there’s some demonstrations and some different things organized for the rest of the week to show solidarity and I think that’s the main reason why we’re here today,” Hafner said.

The students shared experiences on race-related issues in the community and on campus. Jackson said Stephens College students have the same concerns, questions and ideas Concerned Student 1950 have and they want to bring change to both campuses.

“Everyone on our campus has been asking ‘what can we do?’ I always come here by myself. But we saw a need. The student body asked 'what can we do, let’s get together, let’s talk’, so we made it happen,” Jackson said.