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Global Journalist: Zimbabwe, South Africa in Transition

European Press Agency

Two figures have dominated the politics of southern Africa in recent years. One is Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe. The other is South Africa’s 75-year-old President Jacob Zuma.

Now Mugabe is in military custody after an apparent coup d’etat brought an end to his 37-year rule.
Meanwhile Zuma is set to be replaced as the leader of the ruling African National Congress next month, and may be forced to step down from his eight-year-old presidency before the end of his term in 2019.
On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at southern Africa in transition.

Joining the program:

  • John Campbell, senior fellow for Africa policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • S'thembile Cele, reporter for City Press newspaper in Johannesburg.
  • Steven Friedman, professor of humanities at the University of Johannesburg.
  • Gareth Newham, head of governance, crime and justice division at the Institute for Security Studies.

Assistant producers: Jiwon Choi, Lexi Churchill, Jiwon Choi Supervising producer: Rachel Foster-Gimbel Visual editor: Aleissa Bleyl

Jason left Global Journalist in 2019
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