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Global Journalist: North Korea Women's Rights

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North Korea has one of the worst human rights record in the world, but for women the situation is particularly acute. 

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are rarely punished, and many women who escape to neighboring China end up being trafficked into prostitution or sold as brides to Chinese men. 

Yet despite these challenges, North Korean women often have more economic freedoms than men. 

On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at women's rights in North Korea. 

Joining the program: 

  • Jinhye Jo, a North Korean escapee and founder of the group North Korean Refugees in the U.S.A.
  • Heather Barr, senior researcher for women’s rights at Human Rights Watch.
  • Hyun-Joo Lim, a sociologist who researches North Korean refugees at the University of Bournemouth in the U.K.
  • Seok Hyang Kim, a professor of North Korean studies at Ewha Womans College in Seoul.

Assistant producers: Ailean Beaton, Edom Kassaye, Courtney Manning, Rayna Sims

Supervising producer: Lauren Wortman

Visual editor: Aleissa Bleyl

Jason left Global Journalist in 2019
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