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Galloway to Expedite Audit of Callaway County Collector's Office

Torie Ross

Following the sudden resignation Thursday of former Callaway County Collector Pam Oestreich, State Auditor Nicole Galloway is working to expedite an audit of the collector’s office. The FBI is also investigating allegations against the collector involving the county’s checking account, according to the Associated Press. Denise Hubbard, the Callaway County clerk, will be overseeing tax records from the collector’s office.

“We are also working with the state auditor’s office to get an audit of the collector’s office done so that we can clear everything that’s in there and expedite opening the office as well,” Hubbard says.

The collector’s office is temporarily closed following Oestreich’s resignation, but Hubbard says local taxpayers will still able to conduct most of their business until it’s reopened.

“If their tax bill is current, as in they have all their property listed on it and it’s correct, they are able to go to the collector’s office in Audrain and Cole County,” Hubbard says.

Hubbard says county officials understand the strain this has put on Callaway County residents, and that they are working hard to get the office reopened as soon as possible.