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Intersection - Fighting Bullying in Missouri Today, From the Statehouse to the Classroom

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The classic concept of bullying is a boy on the playground scaring other kids into giving up their lunch money. But that's far from how much bullying unfolds. Today on Intersection we explore what bullying, and efforts to stop it, look like in Missouri. We hear about revenge porn, online bullying and harassment, and prevention programs at local schools.

Editor’s note: On this episode, we discuss topics including suicide. This may not be suitable for all listeners.   

On this show we talk with Sarah Kellogg, KBIA's capital reporter; Sandy Davidson, a communications law professor at the Missouri School of Journalism; Tina Meier, creator of the Megan Meier Foundation that works to prevent bullying; and Chad Rose, the director of the Mizzou Ed Bully Prevention Lab.

Davidson on the need for revenge porn laws:

“Already 38 states and the District of Columbia have passed revenge porn laws. And here’s the problem: If you don’t have a clear law on the books then you can have people who engage in revenge porn slipping through the cracks.”

Meier on why she speaks with students about bullying:

“I’m doing this because I don’t want another parent to stand where I’m standing. I don’t want another child to feel that way.”

Rose on cyberbullying:

“With the advent of social media, kids have found an avenue to maintain bullying over a longer period of time. So kids can be victimized 24 hours a day now."  

Assistant Producers for this show are Abby Ivory-Ganja, Elena Rivera, Ahmed Jawadi and Betsy Smith.