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Hawley comments on Pittsburgh shooting

GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley says it's up to individual congregations about whether they should have an armed security presence.
After a deadly shooting this weekend at a Pittsburgh synagogue, President Donald Trump told reporters that the perpetrator may have been stopped if the place of worship had armed guards. That remark evoked criticism, including from Pittsburgh's mayor.
After a rally Monday in Chesterfield, Hawley was asked about whether he agreed with the president's comments.
Hawley said, "I think it's up to local congregations, whatever faith background, how they want to protect themselves and what that looks like for them. But I do want to say strongly that the person that committed this atrocity needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope that prosecutors will seek the maximum penalties."
Prosecutors said Monday that they were seeking approval for the death penalty for Robert Bowers, who is accused of killing 11 people on Saturday.

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