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Missouri Looks to Attract Movie-Makers with Tax Credits


Years ago, if you lived in Cape Girardeau, you might have seen Ben Affleck getting frozen custard at Andy's.

Not so anymore. That's because few movies are made in Missouri, which no longer offers a tax incentive to attract movie makers.

Now lawmakers are being asked to create a new incentive to bring the productions back.

The House Committee on Economic Development considered House Bill 923 on Monday evening. The bill would allow for a 20-percent tax credit for expenses incurred by movie makers in-state and a 10-percent credit for out-of-state expenses. It would also offer a 5-percent bonus credit for both types of expenses if at least half of the film takes place in Missouri.

The bill is a restructured version of a previous tax credit that lapsed in 2013, and it includes a sunset provision after six years.

Rep. Kathryn Swan, R-Cape Girardeau, sponsored the bill. She cited the economic impact of the filming of Gone Girl, which took place in her hometown. The film boosted the economy of Cape Girardeau by $7.9 million through payment for Missouri goods, services and wages, and it continues to bring tourism to the state through driving tours, she said.

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