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Unexpected Field Trip: 600 Students Wait Out Gas Leak at BMW Dealership

Little did the employees of the BMW dealership know they would become an impromptu daycare Thursday morning.

At Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School, some parents and faculty noticed a smell around the school during student drop-off time at 7:30 a.m., school principal Elaine Hassemer said. Later, it was found to be a gas leak.

Upon calling Ameren Missouri, Hassemer was informed to have everyone evacuate the building. She called the local BMW dealership near the school. The business agreed to house the children until the issue was fixed.

"The family owners are a very nice family," Hassemer said. "We knew they would open their doors to us."

The 631 children, 60 staff members and parents who were unable to start their cars in fear of causing a spark were out of the school within an hour.

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