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The Check-In: Talking About Loss, Grief

KBIA host Janet Saidi is ready to take calls.

We are in the midst of turbulent, and for many, dangerous times. And having the current crises played and re-played in the media and in real life for us day after day can take a toll -- especially for our black families and kids.

So how do we talk about the grief and loss that is part of life at center stage? What can we do for our kids who are feeling loss and even trauma from these events in their own lives as well as prominently in the media?

In this episode, we have a professional -- who frequently lives in these conversations -- to help us with these difficult questions.

Our guest:

Professor Tashel Bordere is a specialist in youth development. She researches grief and loss, specifically among African-American youth, in MU’s Department of Human Development and Family Sciences. Her published work has focused on bereavement and resiliency within marginalized communities and how those grieving experiences intersect with racial power structures.

To hear the live show, tune in weekdays at noon. Also, you can leave us a voicemail at 877-532-0971 about how you are handling the current crises our region is facing and any questions you have.

Kristofor left KBIA in fall of 2021
Janet Saidi is a producer and professor at KBIA and the Missouri School of Journalism.
Zia Kelly graduated with degrees in journalism and public health at the University of Missouri - Columbia in May 2020.. Outside of the newsroom, she works part-time as a personal trainer and competes as an Olympic-style weightlifter.
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